Search, Post & Use Tips

Welcome to Community Bulletin Board. The Bulletin Board is a community service of We adopted a sign-in process for users in order to keep spammers from monopolizing this community space. Your privacy is important to us and we will not share your information. Please review the following tips and rules.

Check out our new Bulletin Board Tutorial on signing in and password management HERE!

Search Feature:

Located in the upper left of the bulletin board, the Search feature is the best way to find something (such as a rental, a bike, a job). Enter one term that generally covers your search.

Viewing Topics:

Click on the topic name to view a posting. Look in the replies column to see if there is a reply.

To view a reply, just click on the topic name. Both the original posting and all of the replies will show up.

Posting Topics:

Registering: Once you have entered the required information, check your email for our verification email. If it is not in your inbox, check your spam folder. Follow directions within the email to complete your registration.

Choose your words with the search feature in mind - this is how people will find your posting. This is a busy bulletin board and items are on the first page for a limited time but people looking for your topic or item for sale will use the search term box to find you.

Click on "New Topic" to the left of the search box.

You will need to fill in the subject line and a message. You also need to provide a way for people to reach you, either by email or phone. Within a post, you can contact someone by clicking on the Contact talk bubble icon and then clicking on the mail envelope icon to send an email to someone. You must be signed in for this feature to work.

Click on Preview if you want to take a look at your message first.

Click on Submit at the bottom of the page to post your message from either the new topic page or the Preview page.

To Edit:
You can edit or delete your own post but not those of others.


The Methownet Bulletin Board is a community service voluntarily provided by, and all labor is donated by the company. We have adopted a registration process for users in order to keep spammers from monopolizing this community space. Your privacy is important to us and we will not share your information with vendors. Please review the following Use Policy. 

Bulletin Board Use Policy
As hosts of the Bulletin Board, reserves the right to remove posts at their discretion. All opinion posts must bear the full, real name of the person making the post and no offsite links are allowed. also reserves the right to close any thread at their discretion. If you have a bone to pick with someone in our community, talk to them. The BB is not meant to be a sounding board for personal grievances.

In addition, we may remove posts for the following reasons:

1) posts with language of a slanderous, libelous, mean or rude nature
2) spammers
3) bumping your post to the top
4) posts that are commercial in nature
5) firearms sales - Washington State law requires that private sales and “transfers” of firearms be completed through a federally licensed dealer.

Users may be banned for:

1) trolling
2) mean behavior
3) other stuff.

Any personal opinion or open discussion posts are additionally subject to the following rules:

1) posters must include their full, real names
2) offsite links are not allowed
3) you must share your opinion in your own words and keep it civil.

Thank you for helping us to keep this a community-minded place. We welcome your involvement.
Please let us know about bad behavior by sending us a Report.