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photoCasey Smith, center, wears the winner’s grin after winning three races and taking first place overall at this week’s biathlon Olympic trials. Russell Currier, left, took second place, and Wynn Roberts third place. Photo by Piotr Bednarski/ U.S. Biathlon Association

On to Italy
Casey Smith wins Olympic trial

Winthrop biathlete Casey Smith is one happy man after winning first place overall in the Dec. 14-18 Olympic trial races in Grand Rapids, Minn. His shooting and skiing skills have earned him a spot on the U.S. International Biathlon Union’s Cup team.

“Now I will be going to Ridnaun, Italy, for IBU Cups four and five,” Smith told Grist. “This is the first time that I will be racing at this level and the first time I will be racing in the senior category in Europe and I am very excited.” He added that the IBU Cup series is one step down from the World Cup.

Smith is one of four Americans who will be competing in Italy. “From these races they will pick two of us to compete in Sochi at the Olympics in February,” he said.

photoRussell Currier leads Casey Smith as the two sprint uphill during one of the four Olympic trial races held this week in Grand Rapids, Minn. Photo by Piotr Bednarski/U.S. Biathlon Association

Biathlon is a dual-skill sport that combines cross-country skiing with shooting from both standing and prone positions. Smith, who competes for the Maine Winter Sports Center, both shot and skied well at the four-race series in Minnesotta. He will spend Christmas in Maine and leave for Europe on Dec. 30.

A year ago Smith called Sochi “a long shot,” because he was 20 and still competing in the junior division.

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Nobody works harder or deserves it more than Casey. Way to go!

Rick LeDuc