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Winthrop Marshall Resigns
Dahlstrom called to active duty

photoWinthrop Marshall David Dahlstrom is headed for Korea.

Winthrop Marshal David Dahlstrom has resigned his position effective November 29, he told Methow Grist Tuesday. His last day on the job was Wednesday, November 27.

Dalhstrom, 42, an army reservist, said he has received orders for a one-year deployment as an operations sergeant in Korea with the Special Forces Operations Command Korea.

“I’m not coming back as the marshal,” Dahlstrom said. “I’m not sure what I’m going to do” when the assignment is over. He has been working as a reservist during the six years he has been on the Winthrop marshal’s force; he has been marshal for the last four years. “It’s been challenging trying to do both,” he said of his army and marshal’s duties.

Dahlstrom said he informed Mayor Dave Acheson last week as soon as he received his orders. They were delayed due to the government shutdown, he added. “My orders came in the day I was supposed to be in Korea.”

Before coming to work in Winthrop, Dahlstrom said he was a military contractor in Africa with the Special Forces.

Acheson said he has not decided who on the present force of deputies will become acting marshal but expects to do so soon, and a hiring process will be launched shortly thereafter. “I anticipate it will take about two months to get someone in here on a full-time basis,” he said.

Acheson said he had been aware of the possibility that Dahlstrom might be called for duty but not that he would decide to resign. In terms of manpower, he added, “this is probably the best time of year for it to happen. It’s fairly quiet.”

Asked if Dahlstrom’s departure might trigger reconsideration of a merger with the Twisp Police Department, Acheson said, “I don’t think it really changes anything. There was no critical energy to push it forward,” he said of the merger. “Budget-wise and manpower-wise we’re pretty happy with the deputies we have, so we should be able to carry on.”

Updated 11/29/2013

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