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photo of women playing marimbas under market tentLocal marimba students, laughingly calling themselves Tadpoles, entertained the crowd at the Methow Valley Farmers Market in Twisp last Saturday.

photoAnnie Filer with mallets ready. The music seemed to make many people smile.

Mallet Music
Locals take up marimba

A group of Methow Valley marimba players had their first full-on public performance Saturday at the Methow Valley Farmer’s Market in Twisp.

The sun was shining on the tent that provided shade for most of the marimbas and players. The crowd was clearly appreciating the music: some danced, some wiggled, some took pictures, and some stayed a long time at the wooden picnic tables near the players.

The marimba group has been playing together since the end of February, led by skilled marimba player Barb Hoffman. After their first eight weeks, they held an informal potluck, and played for friends and family.

Hoffman has been playing for 14 years and has 10 marimbas, according to marimba student Annie Filer. Students practice in Hoffman’s Winthrop studio, up to ten at a time on Wednesdays.

Eight marimbas were on scene at the market: players traded off, sitting out sometimes and changing which marimbas they beat on.

photoFocused and enjoying it, Nancy Farr in the middle of a tune.

The Methow marimba players were laughing and calling themselves ‘tadpoles’ at their Twisp market gig: the group that performed after them was the more experienced Mad Frog Marimbas out of Seattle.









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Thank you for such absolutely delightful music. You all did an amazingly good job to stimulate the audience and indeed bring many smiles to many faces. METALPHYSICS benefited greatly from your melodious presence

Rose Hughes