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Mosaic of Friendship
Rozell installs Guatemalan mural

Shelley Rozell and "Mosaico de la Amistad" in Antigua, Guatemala.

Shelley Rozell worked with Argentinian mosaic artists to create ‘Mosaico de la Amistad’ (a mosaic of friendship), on an exterior wall of a cultural center in Antigua, Guatemala. The mosaic celebrates the culture of Guatemala.  

“It was a collaborative effort between myself and 13 mosaic artists from Argentina,” said Rozell, of Rozell Clayworks in the Methow Valley. “We all belong to an online yahoo group called ‘Pasion por los Mosaicos’ (Passion for Mosaics).”

Six months ago, Rozell proposed that Pasion por los Mosaicos make a mural in Guatemala. She asked the participants to design a mosaic that was inspired by the culture of Guatemala, incorporated curved lines, and was one foot square.

“The Argentinians mailed their squares, glued onto mesh, to Antigua and I took mine with me in late November.  Once there with all 22 squares, I designed the mural in the shape of a pyramid to commemorate the Maya pyramid, Tikal, shopped for fill tile, and hired a mason,” she said.

The mason, his helper and Rozell installed the mural over six and a half days, then the city of Antigua installed a small garden in front of the mural to protect and embellish it. Mosaico de la Amistad was inaugurated on December 8th in a ceremony with the mayor, town council, and the staff of the community center.

The installation was funded by donations from family and friends, many from the Methow Valley. A small book about the project will be available in mid-January through in e-book or paper form courtesy of Miguel Bello, an art curator will lives in Antigua.

Rozell’s first collaborative mural with Pasion por los Mosaicos was installed in Buenos Aires in 2010.