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Methow TV

Not long ago there was a trend in some televison advertising that demonstrated the dangers of not using Prestone antifreeze. It was innovative and therefore brought forth a number of imitators.

I can cite two of these, and if you are wondering what the hell this has to do with the Methow and TV, hang in there. I have long been a student of advertising and thus feel free to pontificate.

In one ad, a little boy waits on a dark street in front of a school with panic on his countenance. The voiceover tells that it is 28 degrees and the kid’s father is late picking him up. Ominously a car comes into view, loud pipes and raucous laughter - obviously a rig full of perverts and drunks. The kid is really scared. Where is his father?

Well, Dear Old Dad’s car is overheating somewhere else and if his child gets abused or freezes to death, it’s because Daddy did not use Prestone.

Another. It’s a woman driving her car on a cold and rainy night. The car is parked and boiling over on a dark wet street where even Rambo would not venture in broad daylight. Is she terrorized as headlights come up behind her? You bet your sweet anti-freeze she is. Maybe she is the wife of the same dolt whose kid is freezing across town. She too did not use Prestone.

If these ads will sell anti-freeze, if drama will sell product, why don’t we in the Methow use these methods to promote the valley?

SCENE: Dusk. Wide angle view of the Space Needle identifying Seattle. Zoom in to man, woman, cute little girl and boy. They have a tent set up along the Duwamish Waterway. Little boy goes to sail his boat in the water and parents scramble to get him away from it. “No, no Tommy, that water is polluted.”

As little boy begins weeping, a motorcycle gang roars toward them on un-muffled Harleys just as heavy rain begins to fall. Fear envelopes faces of the family. TIGHT PAN: on gang leader’s diabolical leer.

SHIFT SCENE: Close-up of Emporium corner identifying Winthrop. PAN: to family camped in city park. Little boy is sailing his boat in an eddy in the river as his father dips coffee pot into the clear unblemished Methow waters. Little girl is playing with a spotted fawn, as a spotted owl rolls his eyes from where he sits in a symmetrical fir tree. Mother is making chicken and Rice Krispy cookies on a park table covered with a tablecloth that has cute forest animals printed on it.

“Tommy, would you please take these wrappers to that shiny dumpster?” She continues, “What a lovely place, clean air, clean water and wonderful people.” At this point a group of motorcycle club members coast by on silent Honda Goldwings, and tip their helmets politely. She and they exchange smiles. Dad meanwhile examines his coffee pot. “Well I’ll be darned, there are three large trout in this pot. They were not kidding when they said the fishing was great here.” Cute little girl responds, “This is the swellest place I have ever visited and I feel glad all over.”

CLOSE SCENE: SPLIT-SCREEN: On left happy family is eating trout dinner with chicken and Rice Krispy cookies on table, backlit by perfect sunset.

SCREEN RIGHT: Horrified family cowers as bikers steal Prestone jug from family car as the rain pours down. In the background, the Space Needle.

VOICEOVER: “Did YOU make the right choice for your family vacation?”

If we’re gonna sell people on the Methow, let’s do it right folks.



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Simply amazing mind you have there Bob. As Captain Piccard might say... "Make it so number one". Why NOT? So what that we here in the Methow Valley don't have a huge production crew and massive green energy (cash) backing to promote such an undertaking... at our fingertips. This is the digital age... and what we do have at our collective and individual fingertips is YouTube! Which... has been known to make ideas such as yours an INSTANT success in the blink of an eye. It could work... IT CAN WORK!!! Send out a casting call... as is said... if you build it... they will come. Although I'm no great actress... I could assist in networking the video in an effort to prompt it to go viral.... cosmicly speaking

Cosmic Rose Hughes