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Joining the Board
Methow Recycles adds Directors

Methow Recycles just announced local residents Jane Hubrig and Walt Havens have joined the non-profit's board of Directors. Jane and Walt join current board members Gina Monteverde (President), Jon Albright (Vice-President), David Clement (Secretary), Michelle Dewey (Treasurer), Cara Godwin, and Steve Oulman.

Walt Havens returns to the Methow Recycles Board after serving from 2006-2012, of which three years were spent as board president. Walt and his wife, Kathleen, moved to the Methow in 2000 from Pasadena when he retired from his 35-year career in engineering for Boeing and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He has over 30 years’ experience on boards and steering committees and is currently involved in Guardian Angels and Cascadia Chorale.

In addition to his non-profit work, Walt is an avid gardener and skier. Since he moved to the valley, Walt has looked toward a more sustainable life. “I’ve been a student of simple and sustainable living for the last ten years,” he says, “so my passion for the work of Methow Recycles is a natural fit!”

Jane has been a full-time resident of the Methow since 2008. She has over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience, most recently for the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham. Jane currently serves on the Twisp Chamber of Commerce Board and is the Managing Director at the Merc Playhouse.

“As a committed recycler, I have enthusiastically followed the formation and growth of the recycling center in Twisp, cheering at milestones like finding a use for glass,” says Jane. “I am excited to have a chance to take my passion for recycling to a more effective level by joining the Methow Recycles Board.”

“We are very excited to welcome Jane and Walt to the board, and are grateful for their commitment to the success of Methow Recycles,” says president Gina Monteverde. “Their diverse skills, experience, and enthusiasm for our mission complement those of our other board members very well, and I’m looking forward to our work together.”

Methow Recycles will celebrate 12 years of operation in the Methow Valley. The facility is dedicated to waste prevention, reuse and recycling in the valley. Methow Recycles has a location off Twisp Airport Road, and another in Horizon Flats in Winthrop. For more information, see

Rose Weagant

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