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I Do - Don't Look Down
Hot air balloon wedding

What a guy won't do for love! Sue Cole and John Glenn, from Puyallup, Washington, exchanged vows Saturday morning in the basket of the teal and white Diamond Sun hot air balloon. Captain Crystal, who officiated, and who owns the Morning Star Balloon Co. with her husband Dr. Don, had this to say: “We married our new Mr. and Mrs. John Glenn this morning at 8:08 a.m. Wonderful tether. No one else flew.” Winds aloft grounded the many hot air balloons in Winthrop for the annual roundup, but weddings must go on so the Diamond Sun was floating but tethered for the ceremony.   Groom John Glenn said Friday that he is "afraid of heights" so perhaps he was relieved. However, he took one earlier practice ride and said it was a beautiful experience -- "nothing like being in an airplane or an elevator." He said the lift-off was so gentle he didn't realize they were off the ground until he looked down. The bride took took her first flight in Gallup, N.M. a couple of years ago.

Brian Zvaigzne of Portland, Oregon was on hand to record the airborne ceremony using his battery-powered, remote-controlled drone outfitted with a high definition camera.

Brian describes himself as a drone hobbyist and an information technology/computer guy by trade. An information card he shared was labeled Roswell Flight Test Crew and said the cameras and video transmitters give the pilots a real-time view from the air.

The drone was seen flying Sunday morning during the Roundup's last launch of 15 or more balloons.

Photos courtesy Paul Retka