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Find Your Car

Most smart devices can run applications - apps - that use the global positioning system (GPS) to note the postion of your car. And they can tell you where you are in relation to your car so you can find your way back on the Google-type map showing on your smart device.

This ain't made for a lifestyle like my grandfather - a farmer who taught me to tell time by the sun. I don't know why I find these apps a funny notion in regard to the Methow Valley. But, there you go. Maybe it's because I'm old?

I read an ‘apps’ story recently: An ‘older’ couple goes out to dinner and afterwards forget where they parked. The guy is embarrassed and disappears to hunt, leaving his wife standing on the street waiting for him to pick her up. Long time elapses. She is heckled by passing males (she says) and gets scared. Finally the husband comes walking back, unable to find the car and hires a cab to drive them around. They drive around and around endlessly even past the cabby's shift change. He's irritated. Finally, somehow, they find the car.

Since then, things have changed: now they have smart devices and an app that finds other smart devices, which may have rescued their marriage. And it might do the same for the rest of us.

There are a lot these kind of things available for your smart device. Have you lost your horse? Should have woven a smart device into its mane. Keep losing your mate in Costco? Make him carry his smart device and your own smart device can find him. Immediately. Before he decides to buy something stupid.

App manufacturers want you to talk to your home appliances as well as monitor the security in your house, set the temperature for your furnace and see the face of the person burgling your abode all from the device in your pocket or purse. What's funny is that there are still many crooks who aren't tech savvy enough to realize that their cover is blown when they enter illegally. One could have endless fun with this (if that's your idea of fun).

There are so many apps available to do so MANY things that we used to think we had to do ourselves that now we can relax - your smart phone to the rescue!

As an aside, the most recent issue of Scientific American makes tech predictions for 50, 100 and 150 years out. They predict that between 100 and 150 years from now we will be experiencing uprisings of intelligent robots, smart devices that I assume will have arms and legs and stuff like that. Hee hee.


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Bob Spiwak

West Boesel