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Through the Google Glass

This is really pretty funny—so far.

I've read so much about Google Glass, even though it/they isn’t/aren’t on the market yet. Google Glass—not glasses—are under development and somewhat available to developers at about $1,200.00 and/or $1,500.00 per pair. I've seen both prices in print.

When they are widely available, perhaps in 2014, they are expected to cost between $700 and $800 dollars each. You can buy a really pretty good desktop or laptop computer for less than that, but I digress.

They aren't glasses: google Google Glass and you’ll see. They don't have lenses like glasses. They simply have a small interface display screen in the upper right corner that you glance up at when—well, you know—when you're ignoring the person that you are talking to. You can wave your hand around to communicate with it, or talk. No, no keyboard.

They look weird because they have a rather thick brow, strange nose pieces, and a thicker wrap around on the right side. They look weird because they look like nothing that anybody else has worn yet. Maybe think of them as a way to wrap your smart phone around your head. Kind of.

If these things become the rage, like Sneetches on the beaches (Google that), you will feel really left out if you don't don their weirdness for the sake of being overtly connected to... uhm, social networking.

I'll never afford them, plus I'd rather go back to my teenage pimple-popping years than suffer the embarrassment of wearing them. I can't actually tell you exactly how they work. But if we’re talking and your wearing one, I won't know whether you are maybe videoing me or perhaps using face recognition software and searching to find out more about my personal life whilst I'm just trying to talk pleasantries. You might be putting our conversation on Youtube, quick upload, playing even before we're finish speaking. Uhuh.

Actually, I won't talk to you because I won't do that while anybody is wearing that goofy thing with all its invisible intrusions capable and while probably being ignored as you do your email or social networking while I'm trying to explain something.

And how about while you are driving your car? Oh yeah.

I do have a solution for the rest of us. We can pack around a lightweight mask kind of like what you might have worn at The "Bal des Ardents" ("Burning Men's Ball") held by Charles VI of France (I Googled that) so that we can remain anonymous while talking to, let's say, the Glass(hole) person who’s giving us the creeps.

No, I've never even worn one of those Blue Tooth earpiece public annoyance phone conversation flashing devices that are reported to help you hear like a hearing aid especially if you buy the brand "Jawbone". But I digress.


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