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12 Pitches
Climbing Liberty Crack

Pete Fisch and Matt Scheidt from Spokane take their first climb up Liberty Crack Grist videographer Steven Foreman was there.



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I would like to say thank you! Steven did a wonderful job putting together this video. I don't have any video experience but it sure is cool!!! I just wanted to say thanks for letting him do it. I will always cherish this; in over 25 years of climbing this is by far the best footage/pictures I have of one of my climbs. Pictures just never do it justice, this video is fantastic and Steven is a top notch professional in my book! And the way he got up early and hiked up to the base each day and then met us at the trailhead when we were done was just extraordinary! THANKS!!!

Pete Fisch

Nine Mile Falls, Wa

We shared a picnic table with you at the Mazama store out in the courtyard, having some dinner after your first day of climbing. As we got to talking, we learned you were climbing Liberty crack. You did such a great job of sharing your story with us, we thought of you the next day, making the final ascent. That was a hot day! This is a wonderful video!!!! We are so glad to know you accomplished your goal! Well done! Best, Char and Ed Alkire

Char and Ed Alkire