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Streaming Videos

First and foremost - Video buffering can happen for many reasons including choking of the data stream at the point of origin or at one of many points along the path to the viewer. While providing tech support for streaming devices and services is not within the scope of our service, we are glad to pass along advice from our customers who are having a good experience viewing videos.

You’ll have a better experience if you: 1) hard wire into the unit, 2) keep other online use to a minimum when watching video content (use of other online devices, large downloads and viruses may draw down your service) and 3) limit HD quality. If you use Netflix, for instance, you can adjust your account to make your data throughput (not speed) more efficient. It should lessen your data throughput use and seems to lessen buffering in some cases. To make these settings sign in to your account in Netflix and do the following: click on your account/ scroll to Watching Instantly/click on manage video quality/select good quality/save.

Please call or email us with problems