Our High Speed Internet Service

Please express our thanks to everyone at methownet for keeping the internet up and running during the power outages. We have no power but with a small generator we are up and running as normal with all our gear and internet access! Most of the upper Chewuch appears to be out of power but here we are online and working as normal. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!
         - Sid and Carole

Hi Amy and Jeff, Thank-you so much for helping me yesterday with my internet problems. It was lovely to deal with local people who were so helpful and interested in getting my problem solved. I am so glad we have you!      
       - Jennifer Duguay

Jeff, Maria, Amy, Ada, Larry and everyone else - Why did I wait so long?! Keep Larry healthy - he rocks!       
       - Patty Yates

"We feel so lucky to have the skilled, friendly, responsive staff at Methownet supporting all of our Internet needs. We get high tech resources with local knowledgeable people working hard to help us...what could be better! - Thanks again for all you do!"
     - Sarah Brooks, Associate Director, Methow Conservancy

"When considering an ISP take a look at our local provider, Medicine Wheel (methownet.com). We have been a satisfied customer forever and have nothing but kudos for our experiences. When we have issues and call in someone (a local resident) answers the phone not a machine. They do what they say and show up on time. Are they the fastest? I don't know. Are they the cheapest ? No, but I believe they are employing several locals paying them the best they can and maybe making a little profit. So they have to charge what they charge to keep the doors open. No one is getting rich here. We are satisfied Medicine Wheel Customers and would recommend them highly to anyone. "
     - Ed & Dorcas Rhinehart

Comments on Our Website, Methownet.com

Thanks so much for all of the work that you did putting together this super comprehensive lodging list!
      - Sarah Berns, Spring Creek Ranch

Hi guys, Love the Give Local page and your inclusion of Methow Valley Education Foundation. Thanks for your support!
     - Terry Karro, board member, Methow Valley Education Foundation

I don't live in the Methow Valley, but have friends there and love to come and ski/bike/hike, etc a few times a year. I check out your website pretty often regarding all sorts of things. This is just a quick note to give kudos to whoever designs/manages it. From my perspective yours is one of the best I have ever seen. It is well organized, easy to find stuff and has very great content. Good on you!!
     - Steve Malone, UW

I love the bulletin board as a mechanism for publicizing events and opportunities in the community, particularly those events that benefit our local kids.  I find it to be easy to use and deeply appreciate being able to have unlimited access.
    - Rick Lewis, Liberty Bell Booster Club

I love the Methownet site!  I use the BB all the time and have had excellent results when selling and looking for something to buy.  Plus it can be pretty entertaining sometimes with some of the crazy postings!
    - Susan Finn

Great job you guys on creating a community-friendly website! So many people come to the methownet.com website for information, local news, good reading, or just to chat with neighbors. You are an invaluable resource. I'd especially like to recognize the "Community Grist" online journal. Everyone should check it out. Good reads!
     - Laurelle Walsh

Hi Maria and Dawn, A belated thanks to you both for the wonderful ad you posted for my Ouzel Glass open house on President's Day weekend.  It was a great success and a number of people mentioned that they saw your ad. It drew more people than I would have seen if I had only relied upon my sandwich board on the ski trail. And it was a lovely ad!
      -Laura Aspenwall, about her display ad on methownet.com

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