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Current Virus Scams

Spoofing is a current issue with email. A "worm" virus incorporates the domain name of the spoofed email address into an the email message body in such as way as to make the recipient think the message is from someone they know and trust. For instance, some of our clients have gotten a message that said it came from and the subject line was "Warning about your e-mail account". This sounds legitimate and folks might be fooled into opening it - We do not send attachments to customers.

This is happening to a lot of individuals and businesses right now. If you were not expecting an email with an attachment from someone call them and ask about it before you open it.

It is important to make sure your computer antivirus software is up to date. Norton Security, Avast! Pro Antivirus, McAfee AntiVirus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and the like are easy to download and relatively the same price. Whichever antivirus software you choose, just make sure you keep it up to date to keep your computer and personal data safe.

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