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internet service plans
our network | internet service plans | tech support | our policies | contact us currently offers two methods of connecting to the internet: wireless and fiber optic service. Please call us to talk about which of these options is right for you. 509-996-2022.

Wireless Service
Our locally owned and operated Internet service is designed to maximize performance and stability. To this end, we use the best commercial-class equipment available and provide comprehensive technical and network support to our customers.

Fiber Optic Service
Fiber Optic service is available in Winthrop, Twisp, and South Valley. Installation costs vary according to location. Please call for more information 509-996-2022.

Service Levels
Our internet service plans are specific to each service access point, equipment availability and selection, and customer service requirements. Please call 509.996.2022 or email our office for plans available in your location.