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Today's email customers may wish to access their email from all over the world using a variety of mobile devices. Our local servers do not have some of the advantages of cloud-based options such as Gmail or Yahoo for this type of use. will continue to support a small town email option but your email account is only available using webmail when you are traveling or checking your email outside of our network. Cell phone companies no longer provide mail servers so today's smart phones can only send email using a cloud-based email client. email box holders may elect to migrate to one of these client based servers in order to receive and send emails from their phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Setting up your email on your Android Device:

Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Tap Settings, Accounts, Add account, Email.

Enter your full email address, password and tap Manual Setup. We recommend passwords using 6 or more characters with 3 character types - number, upper and lower case letters and symbols.

Select POP3 for server type. Incoming and Outgoing mail servers HOST NAME should be: and User Name should be mail.methownet and make sure that Use secure connection stays UNchecked.

Click NEXT and it will connect to server and you are all done.

Check HERE if you are still having trouble.

Repeat these steps for any other accounts you want to set up.

If you have attempted to set up your email but still can not seem to send or receive, call us at 996-2022 for further assistance.

Please call or email us with problems