Fiber Optic Internet FAQs

What is Fiber? Fiber optic internet uses small strands of glass to send light signals over great distances, and is the foundational technology for network infrastructure and communications. Fiber is the fastest way to send data.
Is it Reliable? It is stronger, more reliable, and harder to hack than cable, DSL, or fixed wireless. Fiber is not subject to interference like copper or wireless, it is not affected by weather or number of customers. Fiber is the fastest technology there is and will be the fastest for a long, long time. Nothing else comes close.
What is the cost benefit? Fiber service can replace satellite TV and a telephone landline - amounting to significant savings.
Why should I sign up? By signing up, you will be kept informed when fiber is coming to your neighborhood. Our progress will be determined by where we are able to secure grant funding and the amount of member interest in an area. The more interest we receive from each neighborhood, the sooner we can expand to that area. Encourage your neighbors to to add their address to the list of potential subscribers.
If I don't sign up for fiber optic now, can I still get it for free later? The installation is paid for by a grant that covers a limited number of connections. If you choose to wait, funding may not be available to cover the installation, but you are welcome to pay for it out of pocket.