Fiber Optic Projects

$30 Million - Cost to expand high-speed, fiber optic broadband network to entire OCEC service area
  • WSBO Grant awarded $12 Million May 2023
    • Strategic build out of mainline backbone in population centers and business corridors within the OCEC service area. Key infrastructure will allow for future expansion of the fiber optic network to the rest of the service area. Estimated completion by 2026
    • Initial project area scaled down due to increased supply costs from original estimate.
  • PWB Grant application submitted February 2024. Mainline backbone and fiber connections to emergency responder areas Smokejumper Base and USFS Firecamps. Award announcement May 2025, Estimated completion by 2027
  • BEAD funding - a significant source - application window opens Fall 2024

How you can help

The current design of the construction will follow existing OCEC easements, both aerial and underground, to deliver the fiber to your home or business.

Report obstacles to underground fiber path:

For OCEC members with underground power, the fiber conduit will follow the same path. A vibrating plow, trench, or boring machine will be used to install fiber conduit into the ground. Please inspect the path of the underground power line and identify obstacles that would prohibit a plowline: outbuildings, fences, raised garden beds, etc. Please email us with the details of the obstruction and we will update the installation plan.

Pre-installed fiber conduit:

For homes or businesses that have pre-installed a conduit specifically for fiber from OCEC and Methownet, email us with the details of ready to use fiber conduit.


Our progress will be determined by where we are able to secure grant funding and the amount of member interest in an area. The more interest we receive from each neighborhood, the sooner we can expand to that area. Encourage your neighbors to to add their address to the list of potential subscribers.

What Is Next?

After we complete our initial detailed design and engineering, we can then provide retail pricing for high-speed fiber services. Plans start at 100Mbps upload and download and progress in tiers up to Gigabit (1,000Mbps) plans. We will be offer an extremely competitive product compared to other available services at those speeds.