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Conservancy to Sell Wildflower Bouquets

The Methow Conservancy is showing its creative side with a new fundraising campaign timed to the valley's beloved spring bloom. Hand-picked wildflower bouquets featuring several rare species will be for sale, harvested from some of the valley’s best and most sensitive habitats.

"We worked hard to protect these lands", said an unnamed Conservancy official, "now it's time to reap a few benefits. Not only can we enjoy the bloom right in our office for a bit, we can also raise funds to protect even more picking grounds."

Asked if the program wouldn't deprive locals of seeing the coveted flowers in their natural state an unnamed aide to an unnamed Conservancy official said, "Oh, we'll certainly wait a day or two before we start clipping."

Bouquets will be available for $750 each, or three for $4000, including a vase made from a recycled growler bottle. Home delivery is also included if you dedicate 10 acres or more to a conservation easement.

A friend of an aide of an unnamed Conservancy official wanted to remind everyone not to be disappointed if their new bouquet only lasts about 5 hours after taking it home. "It's just one more wonder of nature at work", they said.


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