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april fools

gardner erupts - image of mount gardner spewing large ash cloudWhen clouds lifted this morning observers were shocked to learn that Mt. Gardner was in full eruption. read more >

New Winthrop Bridge has to be Moved

Gehry to Design New Twisp Town Hall

Rodeo to Feature Wild Bison Riding

District Ranger Tired of Forests

Hydroplane Races Slated for Patterson Lake

Rainbow Gathering at TwispWorks this Year

april fools



Forest Service Sells Harts Pass

Mazama Residents Suffering Baguette Syndrome

Conservancy Selling Wildflower Bouquets

1000 Square Foot Minimum Lot Size for Upper Methow?

Winthrop Adding Pedestrian Overpass


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I don't think they will be able to move the bridge. I have documentation that at least one grizzly and two wolves are in residence on and under the bridge. It appears that the wolves are working on preparing a Den for their young under the bridge and it appears to be lined with recycled and torn pieces of the Methow Valley News. When interviewed (from a distance) they categorically stated "If our disability claims go through, we will only require the taking of approximately one out of every twenty bridge users to sustain our normal caloric uptake". Upon further questioning and "off the record" they elaborated that this figure was an estimate and that the tally would vary with the season and stated that they would attempt to 'cull our herds selecting primarily tourists with small pocketbooks

Richard Karro

Rural Methow, near the town of Yellowjacket

I love you guys. Happy April Fools to you too!!

Nadine Van Hees


Happy aprils fools day

Carl Needy

Hyde Park NY

I'd recognized that great Curtis humor anywhere. Thanks for some good chuckles.

Mary Kenady

Winthrop, sometimes; Duvall, sometimes