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news briefs

Frank Gehry to Design New Twisp Town Hall

Frank Gehry, known for understated designs like Seattle’s Experience Music Project and the Guggenheim Museum in Spain, is sketching concepts for a new town hall in Twisp. Gehry said he learned of the 60-year-old building’s hollow walls and leaky roof by chance while passing through town and offered his services on the spot at a drastically reduced rate.

“He could see right away that the EMP idea could work there as well,” said an anonymous source reportedly close to Gehry, "but building off the inspiration of a snow-crushed barn instead of a smashed guitar. The only thing he mentioned that might complicate the vision is those weird metal ball things in town."

Word of Gehry’s offer also spurred a more generous pro bono proposal from Rem Koolhaas, who designed the Seattle Public Library. A friend of a family member said he overheard Koolhaas muttering, "Forget the crazy curves – that is definitely an oblique angles kind of town."

“In a place with little rain it seems to be pouring,” said an unnamed town official who speaks three languages. “We’ll probably have to form a multi-partisan selection committee to choose a balanced evaluation committee to make a preliminary choice that can then be put to a public vote.”


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