methow grist 2011-2014 archive


'Unknown Origin'

If the Methow Valley has a heavy-weight artist, it has to be Bernard Hosey, who makes metal sculptures.

Hosey's work can be seen around the valley in places both private and public. It can also be found all around Washington and in big art centers: New York and Beijing, for example.

Right now he’s working on smaller pieces, shiny instead of rusted, such as ‘Unknown Origin’ shown below. In contrast to his huge rusty spheres and metal forms, ‘Unknown Origin', his last sculpture of 2011, is stainless steel and just 22 inches high.

Hosey says, on his website, that Unknown Origin was “quite pleasureable to create,” - that he is able to work through the sculpture ideas quickly.


Top: Photo by Gary Harper.

Above: Photo by ML Harris

Left: Photo courtesy Bernard Hosey