methow grist 2011-2014 archive
Methow writing talent

David Asia

Season's End
Talk of War
Conjugating the Verb To Be
My Father and Trains
The Circumference Is Everywhere
Listening To Corvids

First Love
My Daughter's Dog
Eighteen Veterans
Unrequited Number 1
Higgs Boson
Song to the Southern Latitudes
Unrequited #3
Speaking from the Heart
Twisp River Cougar

John Straley

everything I knew
happy stories
The Erotic Life of Books
First Kiss
my heart went boom
Fire Camp

Karen West

Helen Thayer's Adventures
Finding Gladys Price
A Long Way



Linda Robertson

Aspen Leaves, October
Report From Driveway Butte
At Boulder Creek
A Mile Up Cub Creek
Up Twisp River

Sam Owen

It’s a New Car!
My Father Crosses the Road

Steven Johnson

The Icy Cold Waters
Fall Of Ice Off Goat Wall
The Calling
Memories of the Methow
Disorganized Organization
Rock-Throwing King
Life & Times of Andy Davenpor
What I Learned My First Tim

Jerry Merz

Jerry Junior
Zambia Soccer Win


Nadine Van Hees

Christmas & Kids
Bob Spiwak

The Old Waring Orchard
Phil Millam

Community Blood
Diana Hottell

Dog Stereotypes
Gloria Spiwak

A Letter to Twisp
Yujim Kim

Jim Hammer

Being the DJ
Dan Kirkmire

Dry Hills
Ron McLean

We Get An Earful
Marjorie Otis

History and a Castle
Ardis Bynum

Peggy Leone Dufresne

House Memories
Odell, Dinham and Sims

Big and Tall
Isabel Salas

A Methow Valley Diary
Hazel Kikendall

On the Banks of Lost River
Julianne Seeman

Afghan Girls
Dana Visalli

Lying for Liquor
Mrs. Hugh Fraser

Big Dental Care
Denny O’Callaghan

The Flame
Liliana Hart-Beck

Blue-white Spire
Ron McLean

Seven Years on the Pacific Slope
Mrs. Hugh Fraser

Arrested 700 Times

Bear Story

Blushing with Purpose
Dani Visalli

Congo Connection
Sonja Carson

Walled In
Marjory White

Not Getting the Story
Steve Foreman

Sam Ronich










Young Writers

My Special Time
Mason Johnson

Kelsey Johnson

Fountain Jumping
Larkin Lucy

Verb Poems
Wyatt Scott

Taking a Second Glance
Morgan Tate

First Assignment
Mason Johnson

Take Flight
Goat Peak Crew, Methow Valley Community School

Kids on the Camino
Taya DeLong

Liliana Hart-Beck

The Essence of Adventure
Claire Waichler

Julia Dietz

Tara Dodd

Emily Paul

What Snowman Do At Night....
Wyatt Oosterhof

My Pet Peeve
Mattea DeRushe

Mackenzie Woodworth

Color Collage
Devin Surface

Puzzle Trees
Corinne Dietz

Black and White
Hannah Hogness

My Stabbing But Special Time
Brendan Saling

A Time That Was Special and
Snowy and Wet

Sebastian Hogness

Her Pink High Heels
Ashley Watson

The Double
Damien Wallis

Pet Peeve
Kaleb Martin

My Special Time
Corydon Goodman

I am poem #1
Cory Diamond

Pet Peeve
Danielle Mott

Cory Diamond

Own a Horse to Ride
Erin Frey

Facets of Love
student writing

Death and Caring
Byron Odion

student writing

excerpt from student novel

Three by Seventh Graders
Dani Golden's Class

Three by Second Graders
Mr. Williams' class

An Odd Spectacle
Kuirstin Pilkinton

Golden Delicious
Haley Bakke

A Different Perspective
Delilah Cupp

Broken Glass
April Oakes

Talking About the Garden
Sixth Graders