methow grist 2011-2014 archive

A plum from the bulletin board

As it stands now I have three days before I leave the Beautiful Methow Valley, my two beautiful children and Awesome husband. I leave for the great unknown as a US Marine. This letter is not intended for comments, just read and think about all the great things that you have in life, and there is always someone out there who has it worse than you. I want to thank quite a few people for thier generosity and help and support. Since, January 25th, when I recieved the call to deploy I have recieved an amazing amount of love and support.

Thank you Lord for blessing my family, home, and amazing community.

To my Husband~ who through the years has put up with me and my crazy firefighting career and my Marine career. He has loved and taken care of our two amazing children James (3 1/2) and Luciana (1 1/2) while I have been out doing crazy things for long periods at a time. He has been the Rock and the stability that I and our children have needed. And through all of our downs he has always made a way to make things work. He is everything a crazy woman like myself could ask for. The biggest hug and kiss goes to him.

Madge and Les Vandervort~ For Loving and taking care of our family especially the two little ones. While we are in this transition we thank you for your extra support and help. The care and compassion that you give to us, our 6 chickens, duck, cat, dog and 2 horses, is unconditional and amazing. We love you and thank you. Grandma Madge and Grandpa Les.

Tia and Isaac Buzzard ~ Thank you for being the best support and help. We wouldn't be able to be moving into our house this week without your expertise and help. The love and friendship that you and your family have shown us has been pretty dang amazing.

My Aunt and Uncle~ Thank you for helping us through the hard times, the long talks and >hot cocoa. I love you two!

The Forest Service~ thanks to all my co-workers for the love and support and making sure that I take time to be with my family. Kathy, Keith, Mike, Meg, Blake, Aana, Jim, Wayne, Zach, Chad and the rest of my fire family...I love my job and can't wait to come back to work on E-42. To the rest of the district, I can't think of a better place to work with a better group of people to work with.

Our Firends~ Zach and Amy Ellinger, Celeste Avila and Cody Acord, Heather and Zach Spaet, Dee Townsend, Sam Thrasher and Paul, Kathy Busse, Mike and Triss Harmon, Aana and Jim Hink, Blake Stokes, Meg Trebon, Shawn and Tonya Neider and so many more that I forgot to name I am sure.

My favorite facebook friend~ Mo, thank you for always making me laugh...I love your comments and status reports.

Baynard Buzzard~ For your help and expertise and for the Drive to Spokane to pick up my car.

Thanks Laurie Cotner~For taking care of Cooper all those days so Isaac and Tia could help us finish the house.

Community Daycare~ Thank you for taking care of our kiddos...they love "going to school"

Devin Barnhart~ for your understanding friendship and taking care of my aweful thick hair. And taking the kids on a pony ride.

Dr. Harrop's office ~ For taking such good care of my teeth....Thank you ladies and Dr. Harrop.

Pony Expresso~Vicki I love your coffee and Cinnamon Rolls....yummy Delicious

The Valley Hub~ Sharon and John thanks for your support and yummy food.

Hanks~For the hard work and good food....Hank and crew are always helpful and curtious...thank you

Shawn and Tonya Neider~ MV Crossings and you two thank you for the prayers and support.

Antlers~Thank you for being the best bar in Twisp! Jaimie you know How I like 'em

Jacks~Thank you for being the best bar in Winthrop! Z and Sherrie thanks girls!

Ace Hardware~ Thank you for taking care of me even when I was a dirty crazy mess from painting and texturing and working on the house.

Twisp River Pub~ For having such a great birthday party for me...It was fantastic to turn 30.

Dan Deweert and Valley Vet~ for taking good care of my horses..Charlie and Chip

Our Neighbor~ who has put up with us doing construction with air compressors and saws till late at night and our yard looking like a tornado went through it...Thank you Liam.

For the Contractors that showed up when they said they would and finished the jobs they promised to finish...Shane Skelton (electrical), John Sampson, (plumbing) Walt Pierce (help and expertise), Luke Lukas ( thank you for always calling back and showing up when you said you would) and the work you did on the floors...Thanks for making it all happen so we could finally move in to our house after all the problems that we ran into.

Thank you to the many kind people in the valley that I forgot to thank...I can't wait to get back and smell the wild roses...I love you all.

there will probably be more to come...

We have an amazing community and country...sit back and love it.

I'm out