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Not receiving email from certain addresses?
Click here Spamfilters Blacklist Mailservers to learn about blacklists. Call us for help tracking down specifics.

How do I?
Google and YouTube are an excellent resource for technical questions. How-to videos, discussion blogs and forums, manufacturers’ tech support and electronic manuals are available online. When in doubt, stick with reputable sources. Stay calm and recognize there is a learning curve.

Computer/Device Slowness
Slowness can happen for many reasons including difficulties with a specific website or at one of many points along the path to the viewer. A computer with programs or updates running in the background can cause slowness as can viruses or peer to peer file sharing using your computer. Try closing programs that don't need to be running. How many other devices are using WiFi? Making sure your other devices around the house have the WiFi turned off when not in use may help to speed up your connection as well. Have you tried hard-wiring into the router? If you are still experiencing connectivity issues, powering down (unplugging power source so that lights go off for 5-10 secs) your router can often help remedy slowness.

Streaming Video Advice
First and foremost...

I’m having trouble hooking up my Roku or SmartTV...
Sometimes the device requires a download – check with the manufacturer. Hard wiring to the device will result in fewer problems. If, however, you elect to go wirelessly you will need to enter your 10 digit security code or WEP.

Connection Troubleshooting
Connection Troubleshooting (wireless):
I can't connect to the internet or get Email

Electrical Storms
Protect your Investment!

Virus Protection
Current Virus Scams
The Basics

Email Setup:

All email clients (MacMail, Outlook, Thunderbird, mobile device) set up accounts a little differently. Search (Google) your specific email software and how to set up a new account for more info. (For example, search "email setup for MacMail version ##).

The following credentials are common things you need to set it up.

Email account (
Password (call us if you do not know it)
Username (name.methownet)
Mail Servers:

Check your email via the WEB

Need Our Help?

Do you need a signal check? Want help putting ends on a cable? Looking for help running wire? Submit a work order for a service call and someone will be in touch soon.

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